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Tips to Increase Website Traffic

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1Tips to Increase Website Traffic Empty Tips to Increase Website Traffic on Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:42 pm


Tips to Increase Website Traffic

The success of a Website depends on the traffic it attracts. If you are not getting the preferred amount of targeted traffic clicking on your Website, it is impossible to survive in an online business. If all your efforts to draw traffic to your business Website have not yielded the desired results, you can use the following techniques to increase website traffic:

Good content
Give away free gifts
Forum marketing

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Forum marketing will help you in different ways if you consider the following tips;
1- Forum has significant amount of traffic (althtough it does not means that you avoid new forums, a new forum where number of members are increasing day by day would be good forum you have to keep your eye at the total members number that mostly all forums have.)
2- You regularly connected with the forum and understand the post to which you reply, avoiding the forum's concept and posting only will lead yourself as spammer and forum members will not give you respect may be you will banned by the forum's administration too.
3- Join different groups in the forum.
4- Attached your Signature File below the post but dont repeat again and again in the same topic just 1 or 2 Signature Files in one page for one topic is sufficient. Read the article if you dont know what is a sig file http://riamobucket.blogspot.com/2010/07/signature-file-plays-vital-role-for.html
If you follow the above rules you will definitely gain traffice to your site and Sig File will help increase your pagerank too.

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