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MQM's New Office In Punjab & Telephonic Speech of Altaf Hussain

Will MQM Successful In Punja & Become 3rd Leading Party?

Don't Know

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MQM is the forth leading political party of Pakistan and now it is working in Punjab, from day first when the leadership of MQM decided to go in Punjab I asked a question from many of my Punjabi friends, coleagues and co-workers that "whats your opinion about the MQM in Punjab?" majority of my friends replied that "MQM has no future in Punjab" (Most of my friends whether permanently lived in Punjab or here in Karachi are like PMLN or Nawaz Sharif, very few among them belong to either PML Q or PPP). The reason behind the negative answer is the background of Muttahida Qoami Movement in Pakistan politics, MQM started as a Muhajir support political partyfrom Karachi in early 80's and afterwards become the 2nd leading party of Sindh in end of 90's.

The perception of MQM on Punjab and especially on Punabi voters is that "MQM is a muhajir support party and does not understand the problems of Punjab". The establishment and leaders of Punjab worked hard to build this perception of MQM upon Punjabi Voters, because they know that soon or later this important political institution would come in their areas. Why I said these words? Its not so much old matter, in the ending period of General Pervaiz Musharraf's regime all political parties unitedly gathered in London and passed a resolution against Musharraf, Imran Khan chairman Tehrik e Insaf said that the political party who in any ways support or keep affiliation with MQM will be excluded from this APC platform and Imran urged to make this point form part of the resolution.

If we look behind on Pakistan's former governemts we can see that PPP made its share 2 times in the governemt belongs to Sindh and the other one PMLN also made government 2 times belongs to Punjab so if MQM from Sindh wants to go Punjab and trying to form government from there then whats wrong in it. Everything has a start and MQM took its start from muhajir platform and going advanced now.

Not only Pakistan but all the world has seen the performance of MQM in local governemts from 2004 to 2009. Bridges, flyovers, underpass, parks, playgrounds, solution of sewerage, water and roads, no one could deny the facts, truth is speaking itself, even its more or less 1 year that MQM separated from CDGK but you can see flyovers, underpass and roads are still in its good condition which is a proof of a successful leadership.

Yesterday MQM inaugurated its new office in Punjab at Killer Saida and its a sign that MQM is concentrating its political activities in Punjab, will MQM become successful in achieving its targest in Punjab or not? Whats your opinion.

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